How can Acupuncture make you feel good?

Acupuncture is a great way to stimulate the release of Endorphins and get back in touch with the good feelings or build them up to feel even better!


An acupuncturist had a client visit him some time ago and led the initial consultation with the usual question “What’s the problem”? He was surprised with the response, “Nothing”.  Puzzled, he probed deeper.   It turned out that the client felt pretty average. But, he aspired to feel wonderful. An unusual request, but the Acupuncturist went to work, balanced the clients pulses, normalised the organ Qi (energies) massaged his muscles to remove the tight areas where Qi (energy) was blocked and stuck, all with acupuncture and advanced body work (massage) and fulfilled the clients’ request.  The client was really thankful and grateful and commented how his average life would now move up to superlative, “Think how much more of my life I can enjoy now.” (His words).

To feel good ourselves we manufacture our own ‘feel good’ chemicals called Endorphins which is normally an ongoing process. When we are stressed, tired or grieving or life is getting us down, Endorphin production will slow down and this can lead to us feeling out of sorts or cranky or feeling less than good. But it can always be restimulated again, especially with acupuncture. Someone compared it to the feeling of being in love. Acupuncture is a great way to stimulate the release of Endorphins and get back in touch with the good feelings or build them up to feel even better!

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