January, a Time for Reflection and Healthy Living Changes.

January derived from the latin word Ianuarius or Januarias: Janus the roman god of beginnings and transitions and ianua the latin word for door.

I guess our tradition of celebrating new years bringing in the new and letting go of the old is dated a long ways back.

Each year we set ourselves resolutions for the new year which are often unrealistic and not suited to who we are as a person we just go with what we think we should do. Join a gym to lose weight, change our diet…I am not going to drink coffee anymore, we set ourselves up for failure and than we rag out on ourselves and than change nothing and do it all again the next year.

In all of life there is change especially when we look at nature our fauna and flora is in constant change, adapting what the environment is doing, a butterfly originating from a cocoon, emerging firstly as a caterpillar than growing wings and flying to freedom….only for 3 days but what a life. Our four seasons , nature stunning and amazing in it’s form at this time of the year, lightning streaking across the sky, the rumble of thunder to follow, a downpour of wind, ice and rain. What a transformation. The leaves on our trees changing from vivid colours to brown and than falling to the earth to be composted and than there is regrowth. All across a flora and fauna is change though we as humans whom are apart of this amazing life forms hate change. We like to know we have a secure job, money is coming in to pay the bills, we burrow into our homes because it is a roof over heads and it belong to me.  We often drive the same way to work or catch the same time train daily and no acknowledgement of who or what surrounds us. We become bored we look for more stimulation hoping for something out there yet not quite sure what that is. Is it change?

Maybe look at what January means…new beginnings…doorways… maybe not do the new years resolution, maybe take a moment, be still and in January see what doorways are around us that maybe open or slightly ajar. Walk through have a look, I believe we all get signs, guide posts that help us through life though we usually are to busy being humans doing instead of humans being and miss our signs whatever forms they come in. We are frightened of change yet that is what life is all about, have the courage to look and feel and be still because behind one slight change can be a life worth living.

 My motto is have courage to give life a go, practice kindness to all who cross your path and always derived from love.

by Melissa Bond  Acupuncture Works