How does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture can assist with healing from injuries, addictions, and overall health and well being.

Most western medical practices are focused on dealing directly with the symptoms of an ailment, often with the aid of pharmaceuticals.   Instead acupuncture promotes the body’s natural ability to defend, re nourish, and restore itself, by focusing on what is causing the issue and dealing with that, rather than just the symptoms.  As such, it is better understood as a holistic method of treating issues.

The basic principle of acupuncture encourages the body to fix itself as it would do in a true state of nature.

This does take different forms, though often it can be as straight forward as promoting the flow of Qi (or ch’i).  Chi is known as a life force, a form of energy that flows through the body.  Chi flows in the body through energy channels, known as Meridians. When the circulation is blocked (bu tong) there is disease and pain.  Acupuncture unblocks these to create a healthy flow of Chi (tong), enabling good health and well being (tong jr bu teng), the body is at optimal health.

Contemporary western research has found strong evidence supporting the effectiveness of acupuncture as an alternative to chronic pain management, to download this evidence, please click here.