Lower Back Pain

Psoas Muscle

Back Pain effects approximately around 3 million Australians and it is estimated that 70-90% of us will experience some form of Lower Back Pain in our life. The Pain we feel can be named as sciatica which can run down into the buttocks and may continue down the back or lateral side of the leg.  It may just present in the centre of the lower back around L3, L4, L5 and into the sacral area or in a form of inflammation in the hip as Bursitis too name a few.

The pain can include the spine and the muscles attached to the spine, ribs or along the top of the iliac crest. There are always one or two muscles that are often the culprits involved in lower back pain, one of them being the Psoas. When this muscle is an antagonist the test is after sitting for sometime and you go to stand and it pulls short from the front and you have trouble standing straight.

Like all muscles the need to stretch and strengthen is the key and to become flexible, this I feel is anti ageing. When we are pain free we breathe easier and in turn we can feel less stressful.

Phil Macqueen developed some solid acupuncture techniques for psoas so we at Acupuncture Works have studied these points and incorporated them into our treatments.

Click here for a website which talks in more detail on the anatomy and physiology of psoas and some stretches to do.



Image by “SetPT USA”