Naturopathy – Lemon Water!

Naturopath/Nutritionist – Sian Cross


1 cup of fresh lemon juice is equivalent to 187% of your recommended dietary intake of vitamin C… Although, you probably don’t feel like drinking a big cup of sour lemon – if you start incorporating lemon water into your day, you are at least chipping at that number…

Vitamin C is very well known for it’s protective function of our immune system.
It is also a powerful vitamin that can help our skin – it carries out free radicals and assists in the synthesis of collagen (the stuff that people get injected to stay looking young)… Who doesn’t want fresher, happier skin?

Lemon water

Lemons are similar to the atomic structure of our stomachs, so when you drink lemon water 30 minutes before a meal your gastric juices are churning.
This is a great thing to do if you’re experiencing indigestion with meals, or just prepping for optimal digestion.
Your Liver is also working hard all night, detoxing your system and prepping you for your wake up in the morning. Sipping lemon water first thing in the morning is the go-to to give your liver a hand at flushing all those toxins.

Chinese Medicine supports these ideas, saying that lemons replenish your fluids and aid your digestion. It is also ‘Liver time’ at 1 – 3am, so if you wake feeling a bit sluggish, a glass of lemon water will assist you to get moving!

While a German study wasn’t specifically about lemon water, drinking more water has been found to promote weight-loss. This, and of course a few positive changes to your diet and a bit of exercise – which you can come chat to me about!

Remember to have your lemon water at room temperature – drinking ice-cold water can be a shock to the system, especially first thing in the morning.
Like with anything – don’t go overboard, start with 1 or two slices of lemon in a glass of water.


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